Residency Program

Experiment, Innovate, Share

What is it?

The Concur Labs Residency Program empowers motivated individuals across the company to try things differently.

Residents work on projects that are out-of-scope from their day-to-day responsibilities, driving innovations external to the product road map.

Working on-site, residents have up to three months and the full support of the Labs team to investigate their ideas. At the end of the program, residents will release a blog summarizing their results and experience.

How does it work?

Prospective residents identify a problem and propose a solution, pitching their idea to the Labs team. If accepted, residents have up to three months to explore their problem domain.

Residents are responsible for defining measurable goals and communicating their progress with their managers. Checkpoints along the way ensure that a solution is progressing and that the project remains viable. A project can end at any point in time, and a disproved hypothesis can still represent a successful residency.

Project Requirements

While acceptable topics can vary, your project should lend itself to the expertise available within Labs. Previous successful projects have focused on data analysis and machine learning.

Specifically, your project must:

  • – Benefit your current team
  • – Benefit from full-time exposure to Labs
  • – Not be on the Product road map
  • – Be an experiment that can fail
  • – Be completed within three months

How to Apply

Do you have an idea that would make a good residency? Let us know! Send us a message to start the conversation.

To formally apply, prepare a press release detailing the future success of your project. Discuss the problem you intend to solve, how you will solve it, and any issues you anticipate encountering along the way. Be sure to detail how this project will benefit both your team and Concur.