Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Demo: A Future Look at Duty of Care

Labs created a new Virtual Reality (VR) experience to explore how this nascent technology could benefit customers and encourage future thinking.

As part of the demo, you’re immersed in a 3D simulation: You’re a Global Physical Security Manager using VR to locate and communicate with traveling employees impacted by a crisis situation.

Inspired by the SAP Concur® Risk Messaging service, the demo builds on best practices for traveler “Duty of Care” and enables you to:
  • – Access up-to-the-minute news and social media about what’s happening with an emergency crisis situation; in this case, an earthquake.
  • – Get an instant view of which travelers are on-site or heading to the affected region, and find detail contact information on each employee.
  • – Communicate immediately by sending one- or two-way messages and updates to travelers, and enabling them to respond or request help in real-time.

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