Concur Travel on Slack

Our Hipmunk colleagues have used their consumer experience to build a world-class travel assistant tailored to frequent business travelers who work on Slack. Slack is a group messaging service that enables teams to share projects, news and conversations.

When close to 40% of business travel is with at least one colleague, a virtual travel assistant that can help teams search and book flights together can help save tremendous time and costs. If you have an upcoming meeting, you and your team can now search and book flights by messaging our travel assistant—making business travel collaboration simple and bringing flight booking into your messaging workflow.

Search and book Flights

When you work a lot within Slack, why stop a conversation to open a website or an app to look for flights? Simply visit the "Apps" section of your Slack account and start chatting with the Concur Travel bot. You’ll be able to:

  • – Find in-policy flights: Search for in-policy flights that take advantage of your company’s negotiated rates without leaving Slack. Type "search" or "flights" and the @Concur_Travel_Beta bot will display flight search fields, allowing you to filter by destination, departure and return dates, preferred airlines, and more, right from your Slack conversation.
  • – Book flights: Once flight selections are made, the bot will use your SAP Concur profile to auto-populate saved payment and reward program information.
  • – Review upcoming trips: Type "trips" or "itin" to review and access upcoming flight and hotel reservations in your chat with @Concur_Travel_Beta. This makes it easy to confirm details like meals, seat assignment, flight times and more.
  • – Easy-expensing: The @Concur_Travel_Beta bot on Slack will automatically import your itinerary into Concur Expense, creating an expense entry for your flight.

Seamless Group Planning

The Concur Travel bot on Slack can also help you plan upcoming trips with colleagues. Instead of sending flight options back and forth over email, you can now look up flights in chat while you’re talking about your plans.

  • – Co-booking: You can now discuss upcoming flights with colleagues by typing "/concurtravel" to invite the bot into any chat. Use the bot to look up flights together and get feedback from your team directly. Co-booking works in public, private or one-on-one Slack conversations.
  • – Share flights: You can also share flight results, the flights you booked, or upcoming trips to anyone within your Slack team to arrange travel together more simply.