Concur for Slack

Need Travel & Expense Help? Our Bot is Here for You

Slack is a group messaging service that enables teams to share, post and respond to each other--and organize projects, topics and conversations through “channels.”

Labs created a Concur Bot for Slack to bring Concur to users, in Slack, where many customers spend several hours a day. With the bot, you can interact with Concur in a conversational manner, sending requests instead of pushing a series of buttons. This means you can type simple notes and instantly retrieve Travel & Expense information. For example, you can message @Concur to:

  • – See Your Travel Itinerary: Type “itinerary” or “trip details” and your upcoming business trip information will be sent right back to you
  • – Upload Receipts for Expensing: Upload receipts in your message to @Concur and these will be instantly saved to your SAP Concur® account
  • – Create Quick Expenses: For basic expenses, write a simple note like “expense $15 for Uber” and the bot will automatically send this to your Concur account
  • – View a Summary of Expense Reports: Type “report summary” and the bot will send an overview of your latest reports

Interested in building a bot for Slack? The Concur Bot for Slack was built with Botkit, check it out.

Bot Testing Underway

We’re currently testing the bot internally and with select customers to capture feedback and expand functionality. Follow the evolution of the bot here on

Find additional details in our blog post.