ExpenseIt is one of SAP Concur’s most popular products. It allows a user to take a picture of a receipt, then using the processing power of the cloud, ExpenseIt reads the receipt, filling out the user’s expense with the amount, date, vendor etc. Often times ExpenseIt is more accurate than a user entering the data for themselves.

Itemator takes this concept one step further by attempting to run the machine learning models directly on the device.

Watch Itemator in Action

Running the model on the device not only increases the speed by an order of magnitude, but also increases accuracy by allowing the user to correct any errors the model might make. With the machine learning model(s) on the device we no longer have to wait for the user to take a picture. We can actually scan each frame of the video to collect receipt information over time, and then submit the expense once we’ve collected enough information.

In the future, this technology may someday allow the user to scan multiple receipts at once, then automatically file their expense report.