Helping You to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century, and business travel is a major contributor. For some companies, business travel can be nearly 90% of their total carbon footprint. But right now, most companies aren't even measuring their travel carbon footprint, let alone taking steps to reduce it. At Concur Labs, we saw an opportunity to improve the carbon footprint analysis at SAP Concur by making it more accurate and easier to understand. Our project, dubbed Carbonator, is a web and mobile solution that gives companies and employees a complete picture of their business travel carbon footprint.

With the help of machine learning, Carbonator aims to calculate emissions for the complete business trip—from the taxi ride to the airport to the train journey home. By using Carbonator, companies and employees can get a more complete and accurate view of their carbon footprint, and once accurately measured can begin to minimize it.

Climate change is having an enormous impact today and is projected to get far worse in the future. Carbonator helps business travelers reduce their emissions when possible, and offset their emissions when travel is necessary. These two features alone will improve people’s lives around the world. Empowering SAP Concur customers with carbon emission tracking and putting their emissions into context will drive behavior change and help SAP Concur towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.