About Concur Labs

New Prototypes, Designs & Concepts

About Us

We explore new ideas, interfaces and prototypes that advance the SAP Concur® Platform. Our charter is to surface innovations and look at problems differently, often combining technologies in novel ways to enhance the life of a traveler.

What’s key is that we take a lean startup approach, capturing real-time feedback and collaborating with teams across the company. Recent projects include chatbot and IoT integrations with Slack and Amazon Alexa; automatic Inbox expensing with Microsoft Office 365; and telematics with Ford.

We work regularly with organizations on new travel and expense concepts. Have a new innovation or integration you’d like to research? Contact Us

About Betas from Concur Labs

As a best practice, we test concepts internally and also run select betas with partners or users. Betas give you the opportunity to try out latest concepts, share input and contribute to what comes next.

By design, our prototypes are built entirely outside the SAP Concur® product line for testing purposes only.

Limited support for Concur Labs Betas can be reached by emailing us.

Concur Labs betas:

  • – Are for testing prototypes only
  • – May or may not become a supported feature or service
  • – Are not designed for commercial usage
  • – May not be available in multiple markets
  • – May be discontinued at any time

Sharing Learnings & Code

Much of our work is exploratory. As we build, we share demos, best practices and code. SAP Concur® product teams or, in some instances, third-party developers can use our code and learnings as the foundation for product development or new integrations. See samples on GitHub.

Want to Participate?

Excellent, we welcome all feedback. Current betas available for clients in the U.S. and Canada include: